You can sell or pawn almost any item in good working condition. We purchase everything from televisions to musical instruments, coins, antiques, videogames, gold jewelry, cell phones, and cars. You name it, we pawn it. Restrictions apply to outdated electronics. Pawn Plus does not accept firearms. Customers are required to present valid, state issued, photo identification or a passport to sell or pawn items.

For those in need of a short-term loan, a pawn loan is a quick, convenient, and confidential solution. Borrowers can drop off their item to the store and receive a short-term, low interest cash loan. When the loan is repaid, the item is returned to the borrower.

Did you know that on average 80% of customers reclaim their items after pawning them? Bring your item to a Pawn Plus location with your valid, state issued photo ID. A Pawn Plus associate will assess the item’s value and then tell you how much we can lend you against it. You will have 30 days to repay the loan. You can renew your loan for up to 7 additional 30-day periods if you make timely interest payments. Terms vary by state. We’ll take electronics, games, coins, gold, sporting goods, stereo equipment, or almost anything else that you may want to pawn.

Pawn Plus uses items’ current appraised values, its current condition, and its retail value to offer customers fair, generous, and honest quotes for their belongings. Pawn Plus experts use advanced tools to review different items and keep a working knowledge of their merchandises’ marketplace value and the costs associated with preparing it for sale and selling it.

For all pawning, selling, and financial services your valid, state issued, photo ID or passport and verifiable home address must be presented to the Pawn Plus associate. Additionally, for a loan or to sell, please bring your item to the store.

Pawnbroking is one of the world’s oldest financial services. Since its meager beginnings over 3,000 years ago, the pawn industry has developed into a highly regulated industry in order to protect the interests of both lenders and borrowers. As members of the National Pawnbrokers Association, Pawn Plus is a licensed pawnbroker in the United States of America, and is governed by all federal laws that pertain to financial institutions. This includes:

  • USA Patriot Act
  • Truth-in-Lending Act
  • Bank Secrecy Act
  • Trading with the Enemy Act
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Services Modernization Act

Pawn loans, purchases, quotes, and other financial services are only available in Pawn Plus stores. Visit any of our six locations so we can help you today!

You must present your valid, state issued, photo identification card, driver’s license, or passport for all selling and pawning transactions. Identification cannot be expired and must match the identity of the person who presents it. Valid identification must be presented to a Pawn Plus associate at all pawning and selling transactions.

Pawn Plus does not offer cash advance loans. However, we can provide cash pawn loans against most items. To get a pawn loan, bring your item into any Pawn Plus store location along with your valid, state issued, photo identification. A Pawn Plus associate will value it and quickly give you a cash loan. Items are redeemed upon payment of the loan and interest.

Unfortunately, due to varying conditions and qualities of different items, we cannot give quotes over the phone. Quoted amounts may vary greatly depending on the item’s characteristics. The better the condition of an item, the more money can be loaned against it. Items are subject to in-store tests including a visual inspection, jeweler’s loupe, weight tests, functionality tests, and more in order to ensure accurate valuation.

All items are insured for their full value when they are left with Pawn Plus. Rest assured that your items are safeguarded with multiple levels of security. These include alarm systems, camera surveillance, and secured storage areas. All jewelry is stored in secure safes. Other items are stored in locked, secured, limited access parts of the stores. Pawn Plus guarantees the safety and security of all pawned items.

No. Pawn loan interest rates are regulated and vary by state. To provide pawn services, pawnbrokers charge interest rates consistent with the principal, time period, collateral, and risk of a situation. Pawn transactions are heavily regulated, small-dollar and short term loans.

According to the National Pawnbrokers Association, less than one tenth of one percent of all merchandise is identified as stolen property. To ensure transparency, customers are required to provide legal photo identification with a thorough description of their item. This process serves to provide transparency in the purchase process and deter thieves from attempting to sell stolen property at Pawn Plus locations.

Gold prices depend on market value on any given day and also the quality of the gold being valued. For example, 24K gold is more highly valued than 16K gold. Prices vary depending on the market price of gold and what quality of gold is being evaluated.

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